Michelangelo Technology is delivering tomorrow's green promise today. We believe in prosperity through growth of the green economy with sustainable solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Energy & Water Saving

Is your municipal water and electricity account eroding business profit margins? Energy and Water Saving solutions from Michelangelo Technology typically reduce municipal electricity and water consumption by 50%. Approved projects attract Eskom rebates and soft loan financing underwritten by the IDC Green Tech fund which makes it possible to pay for Green projects out of savings. The benefit is an immediate reduction of monthly energy and water expenses with a projected cash saving of 50% over a 5 year period.




Safe Computer

Don't wait for your computer to be stolen and your business to be disrupted. Michelangelo Technology manufactures a unique patented Safe Computer that is wall mounted with a anti-theft slimline steel design and integrated LED screen. To do installation and maintenance the front cover flips open on hidden hinges and is secured with a safe grade lock. With the rising energy price an important factor to consider is energy efficiency. At only 50Watts the SC uses 20% of the electricity of a regular PC and can pay for itself out of energy savings over a 3 year full maintenance rental period.



Green Building

Don't let rising costs and labour issues of building construction slow down the expansion of your business. A Michelangelo Technology Green Building uses modular thermal concrete construction that is civil engineer designed to save at least 10% on building cost while completing a construction project in 1/5th  of the time compared to using brick and mortar. By using thermally efficient concrete aggregates in pre-cast modular panels high insulation is achieved for wall and roof construction with a product that is 4 times stronger than bricks. The advantage of Green Building is that less energy is required for thermal comfort thereby reducing the life cycle cost.



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